We really appreciate that you are thinking of getting your princess plug from us.  We are just a couple that really enjoys getting these into the hands of other people who will enjoy them.  We looked all over and went through a couple of suppliers before we found one we were happy with and now we have a small inventory of really nice plugs that we think you will enjoy.

One of the questions on many people’s mind is with regard to shipping.  What’s the package going to look like, and how long will it take to deliver?


For packages shipped within the US via First Class Package Service the package will look like the package below – it may be in a plain white bubble mailer also.


Note: Address label no longer shows from “Plugs and Fun”. Now it will just show “P & F”IMG_4638

Priority Mail Upgrade arrives in 2-3 days.
Note: Address label no longer shows from “Plugs and Fun”. Now it will just show “P & F”


There really isn’t any way to know what is inside the box, and the return address will say it’s from P & F in New Haven, CT.

For those of you who will be placing an order from outside the US, we need to declare to customs what is in the package.  We put on the form that it is a toy, and that it is a gift.

Transit Times

Transit times seem to run anywhere from 3-7 business days for First Class parcel in the US, 1-3 business days for Priority Mail in the US, and usually next day for Priority Mail Express (NOTE: for certain US addresses Priority Mail Express will take 2 days – determined automatically by USPS).

For international, the times for most places will be about 4-5 days for Priority Mail, and about 7-10 days for First class package.  Those are the two least expensive options and we are able to get a few plugs into those size packages ok.


For ALL the shipment methods there will be a tracking number.  For the First Class option, the tracking number is really more of a delivery confirmation number.  There is not too much detail.  For Priority options you will get more detail from the USPS web site when you check, including being able to sign up for alerts. You can find your tracking number in your paypal account under the transaction information.  If you can’t find it, or if you don’t have a paypal account, please drop us a line and we will forward the tracking information to you.

So, thank you again!  We really hope you enjoy your Princess Plug!  If you have a story or a picture you would like to share with a bunch of like minded people, please let us know here!