Red Collar with Velcro Ties and Chain


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Another new item for us!  For those who like to play this way we found another collar to go along with our beautiful Princess Plugs.  This collar is a beautiful embroidered stitched collar that comes with its own chain.  This is a very sexy item!  The collar is 2-1/2 inches in height (~6 cm), dips down to 4 inches (~10 cm) in height at the throat, and is 15 inches long (~38 cm) with the ties closed all the way.  This will fits necks that are between 14 in (~35.5 cm) and 17 in (~43 cm) around, depending on how much you would like to let the laces out.  It comes with a triangular ring for attaching the included brass leash with matching strap handle.

This is a nice quality item that you will sense as soon as you hold it.  This item could handle a little bit of heavier play.  If you are a pet and you want to show your owner how sexy you can be, then this is a real turn on.  Pair it with a nice Red or Black Princess Plug, and you have all you need for a super steamy and sexy time!

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