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Thank you for visiting Plugs and Fun!  We know you can buy a PrincessPlug and toys from an unlimited number of places and we are really glad that you’re even considering our little shop.  We are a couple who became addicted to princess plugs and then through our tumblr page we started talking to a whole bunch of other people who came to love them too!  People started asking us how to get a Princess Plug so we started sending them to online sites and sex shops.  (Wow are those sex shops making a profit!)

We did that for a while and people started asking if there was a way to get them online and not have them take a month or more to ship from China.  So we decided to get a few plugs ourselves and ship them from the US so people could get them faster.  It also allowed us to look the plugs over and make sure they look ok.  We have had some suppliers that we really were not happy with.

Now we have a whole stock of Princess Plugs in various sizes and materials including some accessories that go along with them.  And now just recently we found a few other things that we thought would be fun to go along with them too!  Just like the Princess Plugs, anything we have is stocked here, checked over by us, and then discreetly sent out – usually the same business day.

You can check out what’s new here, and also make sure you check out our specials page too where you can find our coupon codes to save even more!

One last thing.  If you really enjoy the plug or the toys and you want to see them in action – or even better, to get your own action noticed – check out the blogs on Tumblr.  The original Princessplug blog would love to share your photo with their followers!  The bling goes back there for a reason – someone wants to see it!  Check them out here.

A princess plug is a buttplug with a jewel on the end making everything prettier!